Your Sales Page Can Make or Break You – Are You Doing It Right?

I made several attempts at creating an effective sales page for my business before I got it right. For any online business, we want to create a webpage wherein our clients are immediately salepage intrigued and interested to find out what we have to offer. Here is where a sales page comes in. The purpose of a sales page is to pitch a product or service and close the sale immediately. Its goal is to convince the potential customer that he or she has to have the product regardless if he really needs it or not.

Based on experience, an effective sales page must have the following elements:

Write and effective and eye-catching headline. The headline has three parts. The pre-headline, main headline and the post-head. The main headline is the most important among the three. It has to be written as a large font to grab the attention of the reader. I will state the main benefit of the product and why you should buy it.

Place an introduction that will further describe the product. Its aim is to draw in the client and convince him of the benefits and the advantages that the product has to offer.

Highlight the products credibility and your business’ reputation. In this part of the sales page, you will have to prove to the client the effectiveness of the product and its legitimacy. Here you can state product facts and testimonials to further enhance the product. You can use the most compelling technology like videos, podcasts, and the like to post testimonials about the product or your company.

List the benefits of the product you are selling. It is important to convince potential buyers how their lives can be made better in purchasing the goods.

You will need to describe the product in detail, its features or specifications.

Discuss add-ons to the main product in order to entice the buyer to purchase the items.

Convince the buyer that he will be getting a good deal from buying the product.

Provide the client an easy way on how to purchase the item. If your webpage can accommodate to take in orders online, the better. You can also include alternative means in ordering the product like via phone or fax. Make sure that you include that in your sales page.

Conclude the sales page by summarizing all the important parts of the purchase.

The sales page will either make or break your business transaction. I understand that having an effective sales page ensures that my business attracts more clients and convinces them to purchase the product or service that we are offering.

Another thing, it is important to understand sales copy. Though it is difficult to write, we have to remember that this is how we sell to a customer through our website. It has to feel like we are talking to a customer face-to-face to discuss the product.

For me, a sales copy should be the following in order to work:

It should evoke a call to action

be unique


address the probable questions a customer needs to know about the product

be engaging

highlight the product and sell it

be genuine

Though it took me some time to create a good sales page, all the trials and errors eventually worked and I now can produce effective sales copy that generates profit for my business.


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