How to flash MTK Android dead phone with SP Flash tool?

The basic cycle is this. Download and manufacture Android from the Android Open Source Adventure; then change the source code to get your own custom variation. Direct!

Google gives some inconceivable documentation about building AOSP. It would be best if you got it and a short time later, re-read it and subsequently reread it. Make an effort not to bounce any methods, and don’t expect you to comprehend what it will say immediately and skim over parts. Once you have a product structure and Oppo firmware you have streaked it onto your contraption using “fastboot flashall – w,” then reboot your device. What you will see is a vanilla variation of AOSP. There are no Google benefits, no Play Store, and a few place applications. This is straightforward of Android.

In any case, congratulations are generally together. You have sorted out some way to develop Android from its source code and blast it on to a contraption. That is no mean feat. Now that you have Android going, you can alter it and make your own master ROM. This is truly where things get hard. You will fiddle with the Android working system’s guts, and the issue is that Android is gigantic. My working list takes after 120+GB of data. That is the source code, the delineations, the fused pairs, the gadgets, everything. That is a lot of stuff.

Thusly, start essential. Here are two clear customizations that will make you go, start while in transit to being an Android firmware software engineer!

Respectably basic customization is to change one of the pre-manufactured applications. On the off chance that you somehow ended up developing a full elective Android assignment by then, changing or superseding a bit of the middle applications would be ensured. For the present circumstance, we are basically going to transform it; at any rate, the guidelines proceed as before for more awesome changes and adjustments.

The middle applications are found in the file ./groups/applications/, and we are enthusiastic about the Educating application in ./packs/applications/Illuminating/. Drill down through src/com/android/illuminating/and change BugleApplication.java. You can adjust it with your #1 GUI chief or, if you need to stay on the request line, by then use vi or nano.

BugleApplication.java is the part point for the Illuminating application. To keep things essential, we will add a Toast that will be indicated when the application is initially started. Near the most noteworthy purpose of the record under the significant summary of import decrees, add this line:

Save the record and start another structure using the making request. When the amass has finished, streak it onto your device and reboot. Start the Advising application and quest for the “Welcome!” toast. Plainly this is a fundamental change; in any case, the potential is there to change any of the default applications in the way you please.


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