How NetbaseQuid Makes Social Listening Work For Your Business

How NetbaseQuid Makes Social Listening Work For Your Business

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the way that social media channels are monitored for any mention of your brand or product, as well as competitors and anything else you might need to know. It’s like being able to put your ear up to the door of your customer base.

Audience research is a crucial field of study to engage in for any company to succeed. It’s not quite as easy as reading a book, though. It takes trained specialists and sophisticated techniques just to keep up with the conversations on social media every minute of every day, and then to effectively track and analyze them.

It’s the modern-day equivalent of a restaurant owner overhearing their patrons commenting on the quality of the food. With social listening, you no longer need to eavesdrop just to catch small fragments containing very little data. Now that essentially everyone is on social media, eager to share their thoughts and opinions, next-level audience research is possible, with a huge bounty of customer feedback just waiting to be harvested.

Being Responsive

Not only does social listening give companies a sense of what people are saying about them and their competitors, but it gives them a direct line to respond. Customers love brands that engage with them. These little engagements are what make a person think about a brand positively throughout the day and reach for them on the shelf the next time they’re at the store.

This is also a great way to counter campaigns from competitors that could be harmful to your brand. Rumors have a tendency to run rampant in the marketing world and spread like wildfires. This is all because of the general public’s nature of being highly susceptible to messaging that’s misleading. Having a clear way to communicate with customers and put out these fires before they happen can be what it takes to save a brand.

Why is Social Listening Important to Your Company?

No matter how well you think you know your product or services, there’s almost always some room for improvement. Those who are on the receiving end of the product or service are the best people to tell you what might need some adjusting. All it takes is getting in the loop and your company can be making a lot more money.

Oftentimes, improving sales and public awareness of a brand comes down to a slight adjustment in the company’s mission statement. Some business owners have a hard time dealing with the fact that it’s not what they want but what their customers want that matters. Once this truth is accepted, a business can start getting to know their audience on a much deeper level through social listening, and apply that information in ways that work.

Ultimately, both the positive and negative feedback your company gleans from this research is highly valuable. Obviously, everyone wants to get the positive feedback, but if there are problems to be fixed, hearing firsthand what they are is the only way to identify them. It takes thick skin and personal detachment to fully open yourself up to everything people are saying about your company out there in the wild, unforgiving world, but it’s well worth it.


NetbaseQuid is a company committed to social analytics, giving other businesses the tools to understand how the public perceives their brand. Through advanced research, they apply social insights to create more effective ad campaigns and marketing strategies. Fluent in 42 languages, they’re truly bringing better audience connectivity to industries all across the globe.


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